Use the bass amp controls

The amp settings include controls for selecting the channel, input filter and gain, and master output. The Gain knob is located to the left in the knobs section and the Master knob and Output slider are located at the far right.

Figure. Bass Amp Designer amp controls, including Bright switch, Gain knob, Channel I and II switch, and Master knob.

Adjust the bass amp controls

  • Channel I/II switch: Click to switch between channel I and channel II.

    • Channel I is active, with a gain of 0 dB.

    • Channel II is passive, with a gain of –15 dB.

  • Bright switch: Click to switch between normal and bright modes. In the bright position, highs and upper mids are emphasized.

    Note: Using the Bright switch may lead to a perceived loss of low end. You can use the Bass EQ knob to boost the low frequencies.

  • Gain knob: Rotate to set the amount of pre-amplification applied to the input signal. Moving the Gain knob affects amp models differently.

  • Master knob: Rotate to set the output volume of the amplifier signal sent to the cabinet. Increasing the Master level typically produces a compressed and saturated sound, resulting in a more distorted and louder signal.

    Note: If you choose Direct PowerAmp from the Cabinet pop-up menu, the output signal is routed directly to the Amp/Direct Box Blend fader.

  • Output slider: Drag to set the final output level of Bass Amp Designer.