Choose a bass amp model

Bass Amp Designer emulates three iconic tube bass amps and cabinets from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. A complete bass amp model includes an amp, a cabinet, a direct box, and a microphone.

Choose a Bass Amp Designer model

  • Choose a bass amp model from the Model pop-up menu.

    • Classic Amp: Emulates a classic six-tube bass amp with a tuned, closed-back cabinet introduced in 1960. This model is good for a range of musical styles. The cabinet contains 8x10-inch speakers.

    • Flip Top Amp: Emulates a 300-watt tube head introduced in 1969, and is ideal for full, fundamental tones. The cabinet contains 1x15-inch speaker.

    • Modern Amp: Emulates a 12-tube, 360-watt head introduced in 1989. It’s suitable for many musical styles and is the ideal choice for highly articulated performances. The cabinet contains a 3-way speaker array.

    • Direct Box: Emulates a direct (DI) box for routing the bass output directly to a mixing console.