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You can choose a complete amp model, which includes an amp, a cabinet, an EQ type, and a microphone.

Choose an Amp Designer model

  • Choose an amp model from the Model pop-up menu.

Following are brief descriptions of the amp model types available in Amp Designer.

Tweed Combos

The Tweed models are based on American combos from the 1950s and early 1960s that helped define the sounds of blues, rock, and country music. They have warm, complex, clean sounds that progress smoothly through gentle distortion to raucous overdrive as you increase the gain. Many modern boutique amplifiers are based on Tweed-style circuitry.

Classic American Combos

The Blackface, Brownface, and Silverface models are inspired by American combos of the mid 1960s. These tend to be loud and clean with a tight low-end and restrained distortion. They are useful for clean-toned rock, vintage R&B, surf music, country, jazz, or any other style where strong note definition is essential.

British Stacks

The British Stack models are based on the 50- and 100-watt amplifier heads that largely defined the sound of heavy rock, especially when paired with 4 x 12 cabinets.

At medium gain settings, these amps are suitable for thick chords and riffs. Raising the gain yields lyrical solo tones and powerful rhythm guitar parts. Complex peaks and dips across the tonal spectrum keep the tones clear and appealing, even when heavy distortion is used.

British Combos

The British Combos capture the brash, treble-rich sound associated with 1960s British rock and pop. The sonic signature of these amps is characterized by their high-end response, yet they are rarely harsh sounding due to a mellow distortion and smooth compression.

British Alternatives

The late 1960s amplifier heads and combos that inspired the Sunshine models are loud and aggressive, with full mid frequencies. These amps are useful for single note solos, power chords, and big, open chords—making them popular with the “Britpop” bands of the 1990s. The Stadium amps are famed for their ability to play at extremely high levels without dissolving into an indistinct distortion. They retain crisp treble and superb note definition, even at maximum gain settings.

Metal Stacks

The Metal Stack models are inspired by the powerful, high-gain amplifier heads favored by modern hard rock and metal musicians. All are paired with 4 x 12 cabinets. Their signature tones range from heavy distortion to extremely heavy distortion. These models are ideal if you want powerful lows, harsh highs, and long sustain in your guitar tones.

Additional Combos

The combos and utility models in this category are versatile amps that you can use for a wide variety of musical styles.