Create your own Apple Loops

You can create Apple Loops from your own audio and software instrument recordings. When you create an Apple Loop from a region, it’s added to the loop library and appears in the Loop Browser, so that you can use it in other projects.

There may be occasions when you need to reindex your Apple Loops user library—after you move loops from the User Loops folder to another hard disk, for example.

Create an Apple Loop

  1. Drag an audio or software instrument region from the Tracks area to the Loop Browser.

  2. In the Add Region to Apple Loops Library dialog, select the text in the Name field and enter a new name.

    Figure. Add Region to Apple Loops Library dialog.
  3. Choose the scale type for the loop from the Scale pop-up menu.

  4. Choose the musical genre for the loop from the Genre pop-up menu.

  5. Select an instrument category from the left column of the Instrument Descriptors list, then select an instrument from the right column.

  6. Click the mood buttons that fit the loop to add mood descriptors for easy searching.

  7. When you’re finished, click Create.

The loop is added to the Loop Browser and to the loop index. You can find it by using the keyword buttons or menus, or by entering the name in the search field at the bottom of the Loop Browser and pressing Return.

Reindex the Apple Loops user library

  • Click Loops at the top of the Loop Browser, then choose Reindex All Loops from the pop-up menu.