Add and adjust automation points

To create changes over time to volume, pan, and effects settings, you add automation points to a track’s automation curve at different places, and then adjust the automation points so the value of the setting changes. You can adjust automation points by moving them up or down to a new value, or left or right to a new point in the timeline. Numerical values are displayed alongside each automation point.

Figure. Showing volume automation control points.

Note: You can use MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll Editor to automate Smart Control events on a region basis.

Add one or more automation points to an automation curve

  • To add an automation point to an empty automation curve: Click anywhere in the automation track.

    This action adds an automation point at the project start position, using the current fader value.

  • To add an automation point to an existing automation curve: Click the automation curve, or double-click an empty area of the automation track.

    An automation point is added at the clicked position.

Adjust automation points

  • To move an automation point: Drag it up or down.

  • To move an automation point to a different point in the timeline: Drag it left or right. Use the ruler to make sure automation points are aligned with a beat or measure.