Move and copy tempo points

You can move and copy tempo points in a number of ways.

Move a tempo point in time

  • Drag the tempo point left or right.

Copy a tempo point

Do one of the following:

  • Hold down Option while dragging a tempo point.

    Figure. Tempo track,  showing Option-dragging to copy a tempo control point
  • Use the standard Copy and Paste operations (via the Edit menu or the corresponding keyboard shortcut). The tempo point is pasted at the playhead position.

    If you copy multiple tempo points using Copy and Paste, the first tempo point is pasted at the playhead position.

Copy or move multiple tempo points

  • Shift-click or drag to select (while holding down Control) the tempo points you want to include, then drag them to the target position.

Note: Any tempo points at the target positions are replaced by the moved or copied ones.