View glossary topics

Learn to Play includes a glossary that provides quick information about guitar, piano, and general music subjects. While you’re taking a lesson, you can quickly refer to a glossary topic, and then continue with the lesson. Glossary topics can include video, graphics, or text.

Glossary topics include:

  • Articulations

  • Chords and scales

  • Guitar notation

  • Hand position and posture

  • Music notation

  • Notes on the fretboard (guitar) and keyboard (piano)

  • Picking and strumming

  • Using a capo

Open the Learn to Play glossary

  • Click the Glossary button in the upper-right area of the lesson window.

    Figure. Glossary button

    The glossary appears, showing the categories of glossary topics.

    Figure. Learn to Play glossary

View a glossary topic

  • Click one of the topics in the list.

    If a list of subtopics appears, click a subtopic.

    The glossary topic opens. The navigation area in the upper-left corner of the window shows the path to the current topic. If the topic includes a video, the video begins playing.

    Figure. Glossary subject

Choose a different glossary topic

  1. In the navigation area, do one of the following:

    • Click Glossary to return to the list of glossary topics.

    • If topics are visible in the upper-left part of the window, click a topic to view its subtopics.

  2. Click the glossary topic you want to view.

Return to the lesson

  • Click the left-pointing arrow in the upper-left corner of the window.

    Figure. Back button