View full-page notation

You can view the notation for a lesson in a full-screen, two-page view, like a music book or “lead sheet.” In a guitar lesson, full-page view shows standard music notation and tablature; in a piano lesson, it shows both the treble and bass clefs.

While the lesson is playing, the pages automatically advance. When the playhead reaches the end of the left-hand page, the right-hand page moves to the left, and a new page appears on the right.

Turn on full-page notation

  • Click the Notation View button in the upper-right corner of the lesson window, then choose Full Page from the pop-up menu.

    Figure. Choosing Full Page from Notation pop-up menu

    Choosing full-page notation hides the video area and animated fretboard or keyboard. The control bar and the Setup, Mixer, and Tuner buttons are still available. Full-page notation is available in the Play and Practice chapters of a lesson, but not the Learn chapter.

Change pages while playback is stopped

  • Click the left or right arrow on either side of the full-page view.

    Figure. Full page music notation display