If your lesson doesn’t finish downloading

If you’ve started to download one or more Learn to Play lessons and the download is interrupted or is incomplete, use the following steps to complete the download or re-download your lesson.

Try these steps if your lesson doesn’t finish downloading

  1. Check your network connection. Your network connection must be active for the download to complete.

    After you verify that your network connection is active, follow the remaining steps.

  2. Close and reopen GarageBand. If GarageBand is already closed, click its icon to open it. An alert appears indicating that the download will resume.

  3. If GarageBand is open but the Project Chooser isn’t visible, choose File > New to open it.

  4. In the Project Chooser, click Learn to Play, then click the arrow in the lower-right corner to resume the download.

  5. If you’re still unable to complete the download, open your web browser, go to http://store.apple.com, and click Help. On the Help page, see the Downloadable Software Purchases area for information and instructions on how to re-download your lesson.