Tracks overview

Tracks help you organize and control the sound of the recordings and other material in a project. You record and arrange audio and MIDI regions on tracks in the Tracks area.

Figure. Tracks area showing different track types

A GarageBand project can include the following track types:

  • Audio tracks: Contain audio regions from audio recordings, audio Apple Loops, and imported audio files.

  • Software instrument tracks: Contain MIDI regions from software instrument recordings, software instrument Apple Loops, and imported MIDI files.

  • Drummer tracks: Work similarly to software instrument tracks, but are automatically generated. For more information, see Drummer Editor overview.

Each track has a track header located to the left of the track, which shows the track’s name and icon. Track headers also contain controls that you can use to mute, solo, and adjust the volume level and pan position of the track, and control the track in other ways.

When you create a track, you choose the track type, format, and output. You can also choose a patch, which controls the sound of the track.

There are several other tracks that let you make changes to the overall project, including the master track, Arrangement track, Tempo track, and Transposition track. For more information, see Global changes overview.