Set the time signature

Each project has a time signature, which defines how musical time is divided into measures and beats. The time signature contains two numbers separated by a slash (/), which looks similar to a fraction. The first number controls the number of beats in each measure, and the second number controls the beat value (the length of the note that gets one beat).

You can set the time signature of the project in the LCD. Changing the time signature doesn’t affect project playback, but does determine the time grid in the Tracks area, Piano Roll Editor, and Score Editor.

The division (div) value is normally set to 1/16 notes, but can change depending on the current zoom level.

The tempo indicator in the LCD always relates to quarter notes, even if eighth notes are chosen as the denominator for the time signature.

Set the time signature in the LCD

In the LCD, do either of the following:

  • To change the number of beats: Drag the upper number vertically.

  • To change the beat value: Click the lower number, then choose a new value from the pop-up menu.

    Figure. Choosing new time signature from pop-up menu in LCD