Use the cycle area

You can use the cycle area to repeatedly play a particular part of a project. The cycle area can be used for composing, practicing a part before recording, recording multiple takes, and other purposes.

Figure. Bar ruler with cycle area between the left and right locators.

When Cycle mode is on, the cycle area is displayed as a yellow strip in the upper part of the ruler (or in the center, when the secondary ruler is visible). When Cycle mode is turned off, the cycle area is no longer visible.

Turn Cycle mode on or off

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Cycle button in the control bar (or press C).

    Figure. Clicking the Cycle button.
  • Click the top part of the ruler.

Set the cycle area in the ruler

  • Drag left or right in the top part of the ruler.

The cycle area appears as a yellow strip in the ruler, and Cycle mode is turned on.

Move the cycle area

  • Grab the yellow cycle strip by the middle (the pointer turns into a hand) and drag it horizontally.

Resize the cycle area

Do one of the following:

  • Grab the left or right edge of the cycle area to move the start or end point.

  • Shift-click a position in the ruler.

    This action works even when the cycle area isn’t visible, or Cycle mode is turned off.