Smart Controls

Smart Controls let you quickly view and adjust the sound of the selected track. Each Smart Control features a set of screen controls. Adjusting a single screen control can modify one or more parameters for the track.

Figure. Smart Controls pane showing screen controls and inspector.
  • Screen controls: Visual controls that let you control the sound of the track. Screen controls are labeled to make their functions easier to understand.

  • Smart Control inspector: Shows input and monitoring controls (for audio tracks) or a keyboard sensitivity control (for software instrument tracks).

  • Master button: Shows the Smart Controls for the master track.

  • EQ button: Opens the EQ effect for the selected track.

  • Amp and pedal buttons: Opens the Amp Designer and Pedalboard plug-ins (electric guitar tracks only).

  • Arpeggiator button: Opens the Arpeggiator (software instrument tracks only).

Open the Smart Controls pane

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Smart Controls button Smart Controls button in the control bar.

  • Choose View > Show Smart Controls.

For information about working with Smart Controls, see Smart Controls overview.