Media Browser

Using the Media Browser, you can find and import songs from your iTunes library and movies from your Movies folder into a GarageBand project. You can also import GarageBand projects into the current project.

Figure. The Media Browser.
  • View buttons: Switch between Audio and Movies view.

    • Audio tab: Shows the audio files in your iTunes library and Music folder.

    • Movies tab: Shows the movie files in your Movies folder and iPhoto library. If you have Final Cut Pro X installed on your computer, your Final Cut Pro projects also appear in the Movies tab.

  • Results list: Displays the media files in the selected location.

  • Play button: Click to play the selected media file, or stop playback if the file is playing.

  • Search field: Enter text to search for media files by name.

Open the Media Browser

  • Click the Media Browser button Media Browser button in the control bar.

  • Choose View > Show Media Browser (or press F).

For more information about using the Media Browser, see Use the Media Browser.