Drummer Editor

If you add a Drummer track to a project, you can view and edit Drummer track and region parameters in the Drummer Editor.

The left side of the Drummer Editor shows settings for the Drummer track, including genres and drummers. On the right side are parameters for the selected Drummer region, including presets, an XY pad for adjusting the complexity and loudness of the region performance, and controls for editing performance parameters, including kit piece pattern variations and fill settings.

Figure. Drummer Editor.
  • Genres and drummers area: Select a genre to view the drummers for that genre, then select the drummer for the track.

  • Drummer presets list: Choose a preset for the selected Drummer region. A preset consists of all region settings, visible to the right of the presets area.

  • XY pad: Adjust the complexity and loudness of the region performance.

  • Drum kit controls: Turn on different instruments, and choose between different variations for the drum and percussion pieces. You also have the option to play half time or double time for kick and snare.

  • Performance controls: Adjust the number and length of fills using the Fills knob. Adjust the shuffle feel of the region performance using the Swing knob.

Open the Drummer Editor

Do one of the following:

  • Double-click a Drummer region on a Drummer track.

  • Select one or more Drummer regions on a Drummer track, then click the Editors button Editors button in the control bar.

  • Select a Drummer track, then click the Editors button Editors button.

For more information about working in the Drummer Editor, see Drummer Editor overview.