Choose genres and drummers

Each genre comes with a number of drummers who have their own drum kit and distinct playing style.

When you add a Drummer track to the project, a default genre and drummer is loaded, along with a default patch associated with the drummer. You can change the genre and the drummer, and these changes influence all regions on the track. If you change a drummer, a new patch is loaded, which means that the drum kit as well as the kit mix is replaced with that of the new drummer. However, it’s possible to choose a new drummer without loading a new patch.

Note: Some drummers are available only after you download additional content.

Choose a genre and drummer

  1. Choose a genre from the Genre pop-up menu.

    You can choose between Rock, Alternative, Songwriter, R&B, Electronic, and Hip Hop.

    Figure. Choosing a genre in the Drummer Editor

    The available drummers for the chosen genre appear.

  2. Click a drummer.

    A character card appears, showing a description of the drummer’s playing style and the name of the predefined patch that is loaded.

    Figure. Character card in the Drummer Editor
  3. Do any of the following:

    • Choose another drummer: Click the drummer to return to the drummer overview page.

    • Choose another genre: Choose a different genre from the Genre pop-up menu.

Choose a drummer without changing the current patch

  • Hold down Option while choosing a drummer.