Quantize the timing of audio regions

You can quantize, or automatically correct, the timing of regions on an audio track. This technique is especially useful when regions on the track contain the right notes but are not perfectly in time with the project tempo.

When you quantize the timing, selected regions on the selected track are adjusted to the selected note value. You can quantize the timing of regions with drums, single-note instruments, and chordal or polyphonic instruments.

If the track contains imported audio files (orange), and you want to quantize the timing of the audio files, the Follow Tempo & Pitch checkbox needs to be selected for each audio file.

Quantize the timing of selected audio regions

  1. In the Tracks area, select the audio regions you want to quantize. The regions need to be on the same audio track.

  2. Make sure the Region tab is selected in the Audio Editor inspector.

  3. Choose the note value to use as the basis for timing quantization from the Time Quantize pop-up menu.

    FIgure. Audio Editor inspector, showing Time Quantize pop-up menu and Strength slider
  4. Drag the Strength slider to the left to decrease the strength of quantization.