Split regions in the Tracks area

You can split a region in the Tracks area, and use the split segments of the region in different places.

When you split a MIDI region, any notes at the split point are shortened to that point. If notes in a split MIDI region overlap other notes by more than a 1/16 note, a dialog appears, asking if you want to keep, shorten, or split the notes.

Split regions at the playhead position

  1. In the Tracks area, select the region or regions you want to split.

  2. Move the playhead over the point where you want to split the regions, then choose Edit > Split Regions at Playhead.

    The selected region is split into two regions at the playhead position. Only the selected region is split, even if a region on another track is under the playhead as well. If multiple regions are selected and are under the playhead, they are all split.

    Figure. Playhead over the selected region, ready to be split.