Join regions in the Tracks area

You can join untransposed audio regions, and join MIDI regions. Regions from audio Apple Loops, and audio regions that have been transposed, can’t be joined.

When joining audio regions, the regions must be adjacent to each other on the same track. If you join segments of compressed audio files, the files are converted to AIFF format. Audio regions are joined nondestructively. GarageBand creates a new audio file for the joined regions (called a mixdown) that replaces the original regions.

Join one or more regions

  • Select the regions, then choose Edit > Join Regions.

MIDI regions must be on the same track or on adjacent tracks. When you join MIDI regions, the joined region takes the name (and track) of the first original region. If the Transposition, Velocity, and Dynamics region parameters are different for the selected regions, they are normalized before being joined. (This means that all parameter values are written as data changes for each region. The parameters of the joined MIDI region are all set to neutral—default—values.)