Cut, copy, and paste regions in the Tracks area

You can cut or copy regions in the Tracks area, and paste them at a different position. You can also paste a copied region at the same time position, to quickly double the region for use on another track.

Cut a region

  • Select the region, then choose Edit > Cut (or press Command-X).

Copy a region

Do one of the following:

  • Select the region in the Tracks area, then choose Edit > Copy (or press Command-C).

  • Option-drag the region.

When you copy an audio region, the new region retains the name of the original, with a sequential number added. For example, for a region named MyLoop, the first copy is MyLoop.1, the second copy is MyLoop.2, and so on.

Paste the region

  • Move the playhead to the point in the Tracks area where you want the region to start, then choose Edit > Paste (or press Command-V).