GarageBand basics
How to get help, Download additional sounds and loops, Undo and redo edits in GarageBand, Work with tracks, Work with projects, Connect, GarageBand at a glance, What is GarageBand?.

Record your voice or a musical instrument
Use the Tuner, Choose and delete takes, Record software instruments, Record audio, Overview.

Use prerecorded media
Import audio and MIDI files, Use the Media Browser, Use Apple Loops in your projects, Overview.

Create a song arrangement
Arrange regions in the Tracks area, Snap items to the grid, Position items using alignment guides, Position items using the ruler, Overview.

Edit regions
Drummer Editor, Score Editor, Piano Roll Editor, Audio Editor, Overview.

Mix and automate
Automate mix and effect settings, What is mixing?.

Use Smart Controls
Compare an edited Smart Control with its saved settings, Use the Arpeggiator, Use amps and pedals, Use the EQ effect, Use Audio Units plug-ins with GarageBand, Add and edit effect plug-ins, Use the Transform Pad, Overview.

Make changes to the overall project
Use a movie in a GarageBand project, Create key changes, Create tempo changes, Build a project with arrangement markers, Work with the master track, Overview.

Learn to play guitar or piano
If your lesson doesn’t finish downloading, Get additional Learn to Play lessons, Open lessons in the GarageBand window, Tune your guitar in a lesson, Practice guitar chords, View glossary topics, View full-page notation, Change the mix of a lesson, Slow down a lesson, Measure your progress over time.

Share projects
Burn songs to CD, Export songs to disk, Share songs to SoundCloud, Share songs using MailDrop, Share songs using AirDrop, Share audio files to the Media Browser, Save and open projects via iCloud, Share songs as ringtones, Share songs to iTunes, Overview.

Preferences and keyboard shortcuts
Force Touch trackpad gestures, Keyboard shortcuts, GarageBand preferences.